Hi, Im Joe

I'm a natural advocate. I get fulfilment from solving problems, for a cause, in line with my values. I enjoy helping others. I try to align my work to support these things.I'm sometimes insightful, principled, passionate and creative.I enjoy my family, writing, music, travel, squash, deep conversations and keeping fit.

I post on X and LinkedIn and share occasional articles on Substack.

Consulting - ActedX

Business and Leadership consigliere - headhunting, problem-solving, connecting, investment analysis, personal clarity.

Book Projects

Breakthrough - Joe Thomsett


Equal parts personal essay, personal manifesto and lessons learned.

134 Amazon reviews (Jan 24) with an average 4.7/5 rating.

Read for free at ReadBreakthrough, or purchase on Amazon.

No Longer Lost - Joe Thomsett

No Longer Lost

Coming soon.A parable showing the steps to take to take control of an actively design your life.

Recent History (Reverse Chronological)

  • Wrote and published Breakthrough

  • Partner at Ford Hastings Board Search

  • Took equity in and sold a pre-revenue Edtech start-up (Mo) to UCAS Media

  • Commerical Director (contract) at The Supper Club


Working on:

  • ActedX - small business and leadership consigliere

  • No Longer Lost - book

  • Sharing insights on X about creativity, psychology, lifestyle design and more

Ideas under consideration:

  • Membership Community - accountability, support and network for creatives, solopreneurs and small business owners creating Breakthrough lives

  • Various books in the Breakthrough series

Reading, Listening, Watching

  • The Creative Act by Rick Rubin (strong start, becomes repetitive)

  • Suzanne by Leonard Cohen (beautiful)